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AGU Fall meeting

AGU Fall meeting
Recently this month, EKO Instruments USA attendedt the Fall meeting of American Geophysical Union (AGU). EKO displayed a wide range of products, from inexpensive heat flux sensors, to the new rotating shadow band MS-711 spectroradiometer system. The MS-711 is setting the standard in outdoor solar spectral …

EKO Product catalogue 2016

EKO Product catalogue 2016 Discover the new 2016 product catalogue including two new products. The new MS-713 spectroradiometer completes the range and is made for solar research activities which require spectral information measured in a very broad spectral range. 

EKOs new pyrheliometer MS-57 which will arrive …


4th Next Generation Agriculture Expo Tokyo (AGRI NEXT2016) was held from Oct. 12th to Oct. 14th, in Tokyo. It’s one of the biggest expositions for Agricultural industry.
EKO Instrument attended and exhibited sensors for agriculture, pyranometer (thermopile and silicon), spectroradiometer, …

Meteorological and technology show Madrid 2016

Meteorological and technology show Madrid 2016

The Meteorological Technology World Expo 2016 in Madrid was the opportunity for EKO to introduce its fresh new look. 

The symbol of the circle doesn't only remind of the shape of pyranometers or the Japanese flag, it is also a strong symbol of the japanese Ensō philosophy. …

Solar Power International 2016

Solar Power International 2016 Solar Power International (SPI) 2016 was a great success! EKO Instruments introduced the new MS-093DNI for low cost direct normal irradiance (DNI) measurements. The MS-093DNI can be combined with the also new MS-80 secondary standard pyranometer to provide all three components of incoming solar radiation. …

EKO Instruments

Built on the experience of 85 years, EKO Instruments provides an extensive product portfolio originating from its in-house development and production facilities. Ranging from small radiometers, ISO 9060 standard pyranometers, spectroradiometers up to multi-panel IV curve tracer systems for PV performance evaluation. EKO Instruments offers a one-stop instrument and system sales service world wide.