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RMA & services

For customer support services (calibration and repair) contact EKO or your local representative (World wide representative). 

The price for repair and re-calibration services contact your local dealer or one of the nearest EKO Instruments offices. To request a return materials authorization (RMA) number for repair, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company
  • Telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • Model number and serial number
  • Reason for product return 

Once an RMA number has been issued, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you detailing the RMA number, product authorized for return, together with shipping address details and RMA terms and conditions. For both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, you are responsible for paying your outbound freight expense, any applicable import and/or export duties and taxes for the product shipped to the local representative or nearest EKO Instruments office. EKO will pay the return freight expense for in-warranty repairs.


  1. Instruments that will be returned to EKO Instruments need to be sent with an accompanying packing list indicating all enclosed items and serial numbers. The RMA number should be clearly marked on all returned product, boxes, packages and accompanying paperwork. RMA's received by the Factory Service receiving department that are not clearly marked may experience delays in the processing of the RMA receipt.
  2. Shipments to EKO Instruments Japan will be organized through your local represenative or one of the EKO subsidiary offices.
  3. Shipment to EKO Instruments Japan requires an accompanying pro form invoice indicating the original product value.
  4. EKO will provide a provisional quote directly to the customer or local representative indicating the overall service costs and lead time. 
  5. The customer confirmation the service order will be processed.
  6. Upon return a service document will be issued indicating the repaired item or services executed. For all serviced items, workmanship and materials a 6 months warranty is guaranteed.

Returned items

Please do not return any power cords, accessory cables or other accessory products which are not subject to repair or re-calibration.

Shipping Liabilities

It is preferable that the original packing be used on all returned products. Should the original product packing not be available, then adequate packing should be used taking into account the method of shipment of the returned product. You are responsible for delivering the returned product to the local representative or EKO office safely and undamaged.

Warranty conditions

For warranty terms and conditions, contact EKO or your distributor for further details.

EKO guarantees that the product delivered to customer has been verified, checked and tested to ensure that the product meets the appropriate specifications. The product warranty is valid only if the product has been installed and used according to the directives provided in this instruction manual.
In case of any manufacturing defect, the product will be repaired or replaced under warranty. However, the warranty does not apply if:

  1. Any modification or repair was done by any person or organization other than EKO service personnel.
  2. The damage or defect is caused by not respecting the instructions of use as written in the product brochure or the instruction manual.