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Environmental measurement & analysis
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EKO Instruments aims to provide creative products and customer solutions centered on our two core divisions, the Environmental Instruments Division and the Material Characterization & Analysis Division. 

By focusing on our radiation technology, we provide a wide range of common and specific measurement solutions involving the global environmental, meteorological and energy market. Whereas material characterization & Analysis market is covered by the analytical test and measurement equipment available for the Japanese market. 

Categorized by Market

The EKO product line comprises a broad range of sensors, measurement equipment and integrated systems for most common and specialised applications in the Photovoltaic, Meteorological and Material Characterisation & Analysis markets. Product utility and specific background are categorized by product group and application. Find more about sensors and measurement solutions designed for each market or sub market.

Solar Energy Solutions


Instrumental Meteorology


Atmospheric Environment & Plan Science


Material Characterization & Analysis