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Plant sciences, monitoring plant growth and greenhouse control are well-known applications in the horticulture market. EKO Solar Sensors can be used for various green house automation and plant research.

The net radiation flux is an important parameter for scientific research in e.g. climatology, hydrology and horticulture. There is a wide choice of instruments available to measure the net radiation flux. Ranging from simple one component to four component solar sensor instruments.

Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) is the important parameter to quantify the photo synthetic response (Photosynthesis) which drives the plant growth. However, other parts of the light spectrum can influence the physiology of the plant as well as its external surrounding.

Horticulture isn’t reserved for the Dutch, it captures the world in great speed. Countries around the Mediterranean Sea are a good example of a fast growing economy. At first sight the climate condition look almost ideal, like a sub-tropic climate and plenty of solar hours. Despite the good solar conditions, the high ambient temperatures have a negative effect on crop growth.  Also water irrigation and supply can be seen as a bottleneck in the chain.

In the Netherlands there is a mild climate with ideal conditions for half-open en closed glass houses. The costs are rather high but the crop yield per m2 is extremely high, excellent quality and year around cultivation justifies our position. Energy costs will raise, emissions and pesticides should be reduced, labor rates will increase, therefore further process automation and optimization will be the key to be competitive.

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