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Environmental measurement & analysis
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Instrumental Meteorology

EKO enables researchers by providing meteorological measurement solutions. EKO products are installed all over the world in national (e.g. JMA, ARM) and international (e.g. BSRN) meteorological measurement networks to fulfill the stringent demands of the research community. A wide range of products can be used in the field of meteorology and will comply with the existent WMO standards. 

For many years the meteorological market was EKO's primary target market for the solar and meteorological sensors. The meteorological market has been driven by climate research to investigate phenomena like solar dimming, global warming, ozone layer depletion, effect of clouds on climate and optimizing weather forecast models.

Nowadays the Meteorological research community is still very ambitious to understand climate changes and global impact on life. With modern advanced measurement equipment, e.g. satellites, remote sensing technologies and sophisticated computer models, multiple meteorological parameters can be analyzed at a large scale at the same time.


Sub markets

  Climate research

  Satellite meteorological data