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Climate research

As the climate system is very complex it is difficult to give accurate predictions of our future climate. We work with climate models, which are based on the consequences of impacts thus far observed. Apart from these impacts additional forcings occur, which make it even harder to give reliable climate predictions. Nevertheless, our present sophisticated climate models enable us to give a characterization of our future climate.

For instance, we expect that before this century is out the average surface temperature will have increased by 1.4º to 5.8ºC. We know very little about the effects of climate change on the environment. That's why we can only draw general conclusions on the consequences for world ecology and economy. However, we venture the following explicit statements.
  1. Ecosystems will be increasingly disrupted by disturbances like droughts, fires, floods and violent storms. Climate change will very probably have an irreversible effect on natural systems, such as coral reefs, tropical forests, glaciers and entire alpine ecosystems as well as polar ecosystems.
  2. Precipitation in general will increase, but larger year-to-year variations are likely to occur. Still, in dry areas water shortages will occur more and more frequently. General desiccation of mid-continental areas during the summer period will lead to a higher drought rate.
  3. Air pollution will be worsened by climate change and the recovery of the stratospheric ozone layer will be delayed. Together with stratospheric ozone depletion, expected mentioned changes in ecological systems and land degradation, this will change the sources of greenhouse gases and also when and where they descend and upset the atmosphere's radiation balance.
There is likely to be a wide spread in the impact and the consequences of climate change, i.e. it will effect some areas more than others and differently. We, as EKO Instruments, take it upon ourselves to find out what kind of instruments scientists will need to enable them to monitor atmospheric parameters related to environmental threats, and ultimately to enable them to give a more accurate prediction of all aspects of climate change.
EKO enables researchers by providing meteorological measurement solutions. EKO products are installed all over the world in national (e.g. JMA, ARM) and international (e.g. BSRN) meteorological measurement networks to fulfill the stringent demands of the research community. A wide range of products can be used in the field of meteorology and will comply with the existent WMO standards. 


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