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Solar Energy Solutions

EKO Instruments provide specific measurement solutions for the solar energy market for solar cell evaluation, research and development to verification tests and practical operation. We provide a wide range of PV products and measurement total solutions for different applications, involving everything from cell evaluation (indoor measurements) to module and array evaluation (outdoor measurements). Our know-how and technology standards which have been explored over the years of handling pyranometers, radiometers, and other instruments used outdoors for meteorological observation are applied to evaluating the performance of solar cells. Our on-site I-V instruments, developed in recent years, are capable of evaluating photovoltaic systems conforming to world standards. As a result, these instruments have been deployed in high demand in Europe and other areas overseas.

Solar Energy

Solar radiation is not only the driving force behind the Earth’s weather phenomena, it also drives photovoltaic energy production. One day of solar energy received by the Earth exceeds the amount of worldwide energy consumption per year. The sun is considered as the most sustainable energy source for our planet and capable to cover a multiple of all our future energy demands. In the past decade the Solar Energy Market has become major competitor for other sustainable resources and fossil supplies. Nowadays Solar energy is a common definition, however different methods and technology has been developed and deployed to convert solar radiation (W/m2) into energy, either electrical or thermal (W).

Different technologies

To benefit from solar power, solar energy needs be converted into electrical power. A very well known method is PhotoVoltaics (PV) where photon energy is converted into electrons (current) by means of semi conductor photo cells.


Similarly Concentrated PV (CPV) make use of semi conductor cells however sunlight will concentrated to obtain higher cell efficiencies at lower material costs.


Centralized Solar Power (CSP) can be applied on a small scale but also very large scale (>2MW). In any case a steam power generator is used to produce electrical power. 


Sub markets

  Photovoltaics PV

  Concentrating Photovoltaics CPV

  Centralized Solar Power CSP