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Photovoltaics PV

EKO's total measurements solutions and single products can be found in the PV product life cycle from cell research, module development, manufacturing process, site selection and PV site monitoring. Reliable and accurate radiation measurements need some knowledge and attention: think of environmental influences (wind, rain/snow, soiling), re-calibration (bi-annually), not to mention data processing, spectral effects, etc. Basically, accurate and precise solar radiation measurements are obtained using two components: a suitable pyranometer and an adequate data logger.


PV background

Flat panel PV has become the world standard on solar small and large scale solar energy harvesting methods. Applications are versatile and solar modules can be economically deployed at most geographical locations on earth. Solar energy is freely available from sun rise to sun set, but solar power isn't. Solar power (electricity) can be generated by advanced PV cells and inverters which convert a DC voltage into an AC voltage to connect the grid. Systems are applied from small scale house hold installations up to utility scale systems providing MW's of electrical power to the grid.

The worldwide rapidly growing energy demand and exploration of fossil and renewable energy sources is one of the most important economic and ecologic challenges we face nowadays. Since solar energy turned into a viable alternative to traditional electrical power resources, more and more countries subsidize the installation of solar power plants. Governments do however require periodical accountability. That calls for solar radiation and PV module energy efficiency data, so called conclusive or bankable data. Investors and owners of solar power plants are keen to determine the cost versus yield efficiency of PV modules as this provides realistic insight into the return on their investments. Gathering highly accurate solar radiation data is essential to this process. Within the PV industry technological developments occur at a rapid pace. Clients expect the latest innovations to be present in the products they buy. Also the products must meet their specific requirements and comply with quality standards defined by institutions such as ISO, IEC and ASTM.

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