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EKO Newsletter Q1-2017

EKO Newsletter Q1-2017


With great excitement, we are happy to issue our first News Letter of 2017. Moving forward, we will issue the News Letter on a quarterly basis and will use this platform to announce our activities and also share valuable field information with all of our readers.


By issuing our first News Letter, we will briefly introduce EKO Instruments. We have 90 years of splendid history and during all of those years we have continually supplied advanced technology measurement equipment across the world. Well known international research firms, top government metrological associations, as well as the ever-growing number of photovoltaic sites have received our equipment and we have built an incredibly high reputation with all of them.


To demonstrate our advanced technology and excellent quality through attention to detail, EKO became the first ISO 17025 accredited manufacturer for the calibration of pyranometers and pyrheliometers, as well as for viscometers. While we originally received accreditation in 2013, we remain the only manufacturer who can make this prestigious claim.


We believe this News Letter will be an excellent communication tool between our sincere users and everybody who has interest in EKO activities. 




Toshikazu Hasegawa

President and CEO

EKO Instruments Co., Ltd.