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ISO 17025, 5 years anniversary of the accreditation

ISO 17025, 5 years anniversary of the accreditation

Unlike all other manufacturers, every EKO pyranometer and pyrheliometer is calibrated in accordance* with ISO17025. ISO17025 is accreditation that the recipient organization has achieved the highest technical and managerial expertise possible. Since 2013, we have maintained our accreditation under ISO17025.. Recently, we had the 5th round of audits and passed without any issue. The auditor even gave high praise for the personnel and practices used by EKO.


Operating our calibration facility in accordance to ISO17025 has allowed us to improve the calibration uncertainty of our instruments. As of now, the calibration uncertainty for our offerings of thermopile based pyrheliometers and pyranometers is as follows:


Sensor Group Current Cal. Uncertainty Previous Cal. uncertainty
Pyrheliometer ±0.59% ±0.63%
Secondary Standard Pyranometer ±0.59% ±0.65%
1st / 2nd Class Pyranometer ±0.64% ±0.69%


We will keep improving our products and calibration process to assure our clients the Best Accuracy.

* in Asia and in Japan the ISO17025 is not standard