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Environmental measurement & analysis
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EKO Instruments offers a wide range of unique, reliable analysis instruments and systems for meteorological and renewable applications and for material characterization.

EKO Instruments own in-house desinged and manufacturted products are based on cutting-edge technology. EKO's products are innovative and reliable, contributing to better solutions for our customers all over the world.

EKO Instruments provides an extensive and complete PV evaluation product portfolio originating from its in-house development and production facilities. Ranging from small radiometers, ISO secondary standard pyranometers, spectroradiometers up to multi-panel IV curve tracer systems for PV performance evaluation.

EKO's Environmental Instruments division works together with development teams at overseas affiliated companies to consolidate the 85 years of history at the Research and Development Center. The division continues to search for innovative products and solutions which correspond to wide range of customer needs, such as research in environment and the new energy market, operation measurements, product evaluation, and site assessments.

EKO's Material Characterization and Analysis division is not only distributing instruments, but it also offers extensive services, such as application developments, sample testing and measurement analysis, and technical consulting at the Technical Center.

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