ASI-16 All Sky Imager

  • 5MP fisheye camera
  • Real-time picture stream, up to 2-10 f/sec
  • Ventilator / heater and data acquisition unit
  • External Temp / RH sensor
  • Cloud coverage and cloud type analysis
  • Cloud Base Height function
  • Cloud motion funtion
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The ASI-16/51 All Sky Imager is an automatic full sky camera system with All-sky fisheye lens with anti-reflective coated quartz dome for a 180° field of view. It provides high-resolution images, both as pre-scheduled network stored JPGs and as a video livestream. The ASI-16 can take clear full hemispheric pictures of the sky durig daylight, even under full sunlight conditions.

The 5MP camera developed by Schreder CMS is provided by EKO world-wide. The standard camera features an integrated ventilator and heater system to operate under most severe weather circumstances. The ASI-16/51 has a dedicated sensor interface to connect a temperature / humidity sensor and optional pyranometer.

The camera is connected to a data server, which can be a local hard ...

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System configuration


  Specifications ASI-16
  Camera 5MP CMOS
  Operating Daytime
  Field of View FOV 180 °
  Images HDR JPG
  Operating temperature range -40 - 50 °C
  Power supply PoE 48V
  Cable length 15 m
Power consumption 25 - 80 W
  Dimensions mm ø200 x 210
  Functions Integrated ventilator and heater
  Functions External TRH sensor
  Interface ASI-16 GHI Web browser / Trinity for Windows 7 to 10

MS-80M Pyranometer

MT-052 Radiation Shield