MS-202 Pyrgeometer

Note: this product is obsolete

  • 3µm - 50µm flat spectral reponse
  • Low window heating
  • Dome temperature sensor
  • Temperature compensation
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Pyrgeometer MS-202 is designed to measure long-wave radiation above 3µm. A coated Silicon dome transmits incident radiation which above 3µm by cutting off the shorter wavelengths of the Sun spectrum. An electronic compensation circuit with a thermistor is integrated into the MS-202. This circuit is used for the sensor body temperature measurement or to measure long-wave downward radiation in the active mode. The analog output voltage of the detector is linear to the net radiation emitted by the atmosphere and ground. A thermistor dome temperature sensor is available as an option. Pt-100 temperature sensor for both the sensor body temperature and the dome temperature is also available as an option.

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  Specifications MS-202
Response time 95% < 3 Sec.
Non-linearity +/- 1 %
Sensitivity Approx. 4 µV/W/m²
  Impedance Approx. 300 Ω
  Operating temperature range -20 - 55 °C
  Cable length 10 m
Wavelength range 3 - 50 µm
  Dome temperature PT-100
  Body temperature PT-100



Applications and uses

Prediction of minimum temperature and frost damage is a common method and important application in the field of agriculture like outdoors crops growth. In particular the areas where vegetation can …

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