MS-093 Sunshine Duration Sensor

  • Very precise under all measurement conditions
  • Measurement uncertainty <10 minutes per day
  • Pyro-electric detector (300 nm - 2500 nm)
  • Measures sunshine hours >120 W/m2
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The MS-093 is a high-quality sunshine duration meter. A unique measurement concept with rotating mirror and broadband sensor accurately measures the broad-band direct solar radiation. 

The sensor utilizes a rotating mirror, which reflects the direct beam onto a pyro-electric detector once per revolution. By using this method, the MS-093 can measure the true direct broad-band radiation.

The MS-093 is unique compared to other dedicated sunshine duration sensors, which are based on an indirect measurement principle using photodiodes with a limited spectral range and accuracy. 

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  Specifications MS-093
  ISO 9060:2018 -
  Output Analog (100 pulses/hour)
Directional response -
Temperature response -20°C to 40°C +/- 5 %
Non-linearity +/- 2.5 %
  Operating temperature range -20 - 40 °C
Wavelength range 300 - 2500 nm (50% points)
  Power supply 12VDC, 400mA
  Dimensions mm 350 (W) x 250 (L) x 200 (H)
Weight 2.5 kg
  Ingress protection IP 67
  Cable length 10 m
Power consumption < 5 W



Applications and uses

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