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MF-180 Heat flux Sensor

MF-180 Heat flux Sensor


  • Thinnest heatflux sensor on the market
  • High sensitivity
  • Small size and profile

The MF-180 has a high sensitivity in spite of the small size. It is suitable for measuring a small heat flow generating a detectable output. For system designers and research engineers it is a convenient detector to validate the physical mathematics of simulated heat transfer models.    


For the evaluation of:

  • Efficiency of heat insulation
  • Water retention and thermal insulation
  • Thermal loss in air conditioners and pipes Heat flow at the side walls of refrigerators and freezers
  • Heat insulation and water retention after retaining construction
  • Thermal resistance of insulating materials in accordance with ASTM C-58
  • Thermal loss of insulating walls such as CHB and GHB
  • Cold retention rate and comparison/observation of cold-retaining materials used for LNG tanks
  • Heat flow rates in housing
  • Conformable rate of building materials for both walls and flooring



Similar to the MF-180 but waterproof and durable design for soil heat flow measurement. Thin shape does not effect soil water thermal transportation.


For the measurement of:

  • Heat flow in soil
  • Heat insulation rate in soil according to the quality of the soil or existence of vegetation
  • Analysis of microclimate phenomena in greenhouses
  • Road freezing and soil freezing tests


The low output Voltage of the heat flow sensor can be easily converted to a 4-20mA current or higher Voltage using the MS-4..20mA converter. The mV/mA converter can be pre-programmed and optimized within the operating range compatible with common measurement equipment.


Specifications MF-180 MF-180M
Thermal resistance (m2・°C/W) 1.4 x 10-2 1.5 x 10-2
Substrate Teflon Teflon
Cladding Polyester Carbon FRP
Operating temperature range (°C) -30°C ~ +120°C -20°C ~ +120°C
Size (L x W x T, mm) 42 x 20 x 0.9 50 x 25 x 1.2
Sensitivity (mV/W/m2) at 20°C 0.028 0.025
Impedance (Ω) Approx. 150 ~ 550 Approx. 150 ~ 550
Weight (g) 1.1 1.8
Reproducibility (%) +/- 2 +/- 2
Remarks All-purpose, small size, high sensitivity Water-proof, highly durable, robust



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