MF-180M Heat flux sensor

  • Waterproof and durable design
  • Teflon substrate heatflux sensor
  • Small size and profile
  • Calibration complies with JIS A 1412
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Similar to the MF-180 but waterproof and durable design for soil heat flow measurement. All sensors are extremely flat, which is a big advantage considering the minimum interference with the conditions of the testing area the thermal dynamics. The low output Voltage of the heat flow sensor can be easily converted to a 4-20mA current or higher Voltage using the MS-4..20mA converter. The mV/mA converter can be pre-programmed and optimized within the operating range compatible with common measurement equipment.

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  Specifications MF-180M
Response time 95% 13 Sec.
Sensitivity Approx. 25 µV/W/m²
Thermal resistance Approx. 0.015 °C/(W/m2)
Impedance 150 - 550 Ω
  Operating temperature range -20 - 120 °C
  Cable length 10 m
  Dimensions mm 50 (L) x 25 (W) x 1.2 (H)
Weight 0.001 kg
  Ingress protection IP 65
  Substrate Teflon
  Cladding Carbon FRP
  Cable length 10 m

Applications and uses

Understanding of heat flow and thermal losses is inevitable during building design and engineering of energy-efficient floor heating systems. Thermal conductivity can be improved when for multilayer constructions materials are optimized. 

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The effective measurement of heat flow through exterior walls is crucial to understanding the energy consumption and efficiency of any building. Environmental conditions determined by location, design, structural conditions, and …

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