QHT-10 Thermal Monitoring Kit

  • Portable thermal monitoring kit
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Long-life battery
  • Ultra-high resolution data logger
  • Multiple configurations
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The QHT-10 Thermal Monitoring Kit is a flexible heat flux and temperature monitoring solution, an ideal option for research and engineering applications as well as manufacturing control and monitoring processes.

Easy to set up and use, the QHT-10 comes housed in a weather-resistant case and is equipped with a long-life battery and an ultra-high-resolution data logger that can store up to 4 million data points.

Including thin and sensitive EKO MF-180 Heat Flux Sensors and highly accurate 4-wire RTD Temperature Sensors, the QHT-10 comes in three configurations; the dual ‘Heat Flux’ model ‘HH’, the dual temperature model ‘TT’ and the mixed model ‘HT’.

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  Specifications QHT-10
  Number of measurement points 2
  Logger Operating temperature range -40 - 90 °C
  Data storage 4 Million Data Points
  Weight (Measurement unit) 0.335 kg
  Weight (incl. Transport case) 1.55 kg
  Dimensions (Measurement Unit) 113 x 80 x 60 mm
  Dimensions (Transport case) 270 x 240 x 120 mm
  Datalogger battery life Interval: >1min : 4 years - 10s : 230 days
  Battery type of the data logger Lithium type SL-750/S
  Interface USB to PC
  Software InfraLog 5
  Measurement unit IP level IP66, IP68
  Transport case IP level IP67
  Heat flux sensor type (Models HH and HT) EKO MF-180
  Heat flux sensor nominal sensitivity approx. 28 μV/W/m²
  Heat flux range Approx. 1500 W/m²
  Heat flux sensor`s temperature range -30 - 120 °C
  Temperature Sensor type (Models HT and TT) PT-1000, 4-wire
  Temperature sensor accuracy 1/10 DIN class
  Temperature Sensor Range -60 - 180 °C
  Sensor Cable Length 3 m