QRU-100 Thermal Monitoring Kit For Buildings

  • Pre-configured, quick set up & ready to go
  • Independent ultra-high-resolution data loggers in each unit
  • Compatible with ISO 9869, ASTM C1046 & C1155 in-situ thermal measurement
  • Tough carry case & Weather-resistant housing
  • Long-life battery
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The QRU-100 is designed to make the thermal performance evaluation of building components easy, efficient, and accurate.


A critical requirement for modern construction, renovation, quality assurance, and energy efficiency assessment, the QRU-100 thermal monitoring kit includes separate indoor and outdoor measuring units. Indoor heat flux monitoring, together with indoor and outdoor temperature sensors, allow the QRU- 100 to measure both thermal transmittance and thermal resistance, the U and R-Value of a wall or similar structure based on the standard methods defined in ISO 9869, ASTM C1046 and ASTM C1155.


The QRU-100 is delivered in a weather-proof case. Each measuring unit has a long-life battery and ultra-high-resolution data-logger that can store up to 4 million data points, pre-configured and ready to …

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  Specifications QRU-100
  Number of measurement points Number of measurement points 3 2
  Logger Operating temperature range -40 - 90 °C
  Data storage 4 Million Data Points Data Points
  Weight (Measurement unit) 0.335 kg
  Weight (incl. Transport case) 2.5 kg
  Dimensions (Measurement Unit) 113 x 80 x 60 mm mm
  Dimensions (Transport case) 350 x 295 x 150 mm mm
  Datalogger battery life Interval: >1min : 4 years - 10s : 230 days
  Battery type of the data logger Lithium type SL-750/S
  Interface USB to PC
  Software InfraLog 5
  Measurement unit IP level IP66, IP68
  Transport case IP level IP67
  Heat flux sensor type (Models HH and HT) EKO MF-180
  Heat flux sensor nominal sensitivity approx. 28 μV/W/m²
  Heat flux range 1500 W/m²
  Heat flux sensor`s temperature range 30 - 120 °C
  Temperature Sensor type (Models HT and TT) PT-1000, 4-wire
  Temperature sensor accuracy 1/10 DIN class
  Temperature Sensor Range 60 - 180 °C
  Sensor Cable Length 3 m