HC-10 Thermal Conductivity Tester

  • Portable thermal conductivity tester
  • Materials tested from top side
  • Measures thermal conductivity within 60 seconds
  • Wide range of materials (VIP to Metal)
  • Evaluation mode (Good / No Good)
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The HC-10 is a portable thermal conductivity tester to quickly test the properties of insulating materials. As the total measurement time only takes 60 seconds, the HC-10 is a perfect solution for quick inspection of the thermal performance of various materials. The system consists of one probe which measures from the top side and can be utilized with different materials, VIP, Rubber, Ceramic, Glass and metals. 

The HC-10 is based on the same principle as the HC-121; to check the performance (Good / No Good) of materials by measuring the thermal conductivity by means of surface area heat loss. This measurement method takes a very short time compared to traditional methods, and has a major advantage as only the top …

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  Specifications HC-10
TC Measurement range 0.001 - 5 W/m•K
Measurement accuracy +/- 5 %
  Test Material Size 150 - 760 mm
  Test Material Thickness 5 - 50 mm
Input channels max, 1 probe standard 1
  Measurement time 60 s
  Operating temperature range 5 - 40 °C
Data storage # 99
  Measurement unit communication USB
  Dimensions mm 200 (L) x 250 (W) x 90 (H)
Weight 4 kg
  Power supply (Power Adapter) AC adapter 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz