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Data aquisition systems

The Data Acquisition System is an important part of the SMS to collect all measurement parameters, data processing and data formating. It is the interface between the measurement sensors and operator or reseracher who is interested to work with data used for reserach purposes.

Various optional data interfaces (Ethernet, GPRS) are available, so that data can be accessed or collected by a PC from any remote location on earth. The data-acquisition system runs from non-interrupted battery power, which is provided by a back-up battery and charger.
The standard software provides full flexibility to the operator. The SMS data logger is pre-programmed with our standard measurement routine and can be adapted according to all customer needs. The data acquisition system is pre-configured, cables are pre-connected to the IP-65 enclosure which can be mounted to the pole of the Sun tracker tripod.


Product Model Description
Data logger system DAQ-01

Data logger system DAQ-01

The CR-1000 datalogger from Campbell Scientific is a pre qualified component used in the SMS DAQ-01. …