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Data logger system DAQ-01

Data logger system DAQ-01


  • Multi sensor integration (Analogue and digital interfaces)
  • Most reliable in outdoors applications (Battery powered, Isolated inputs)
  • Various optional PC interfaces (RS-232, USB, Ethernet, GPRS)
  • Works with all type of EKO products (Pyranometers, Sun Trackers, Spectroradiometers)

The CR-1000 datalogger from Campbell Scientific is a pre qualified component used in the SMS DAQ-01. Its flexibility to integrate various types of sensors and capability to use sophisticated progamming routines create great value to the Solar Montoring Station options offered.


The SMS data acquisition system can be fully built according the customer needs and will be assembled in-house. Therefore we can be fully flexible to accomodate customer data acquisition requirements, sensor integration and programming. Standard measurement routines can be applied, but moreover specific customer routines and datatables are defined to meet the reserach goals.


Data-logger CR-1000 Datalogger (4Mb / RS-232 PC interface)
Back-up battery PS-100 (7 Ah / 12VDC including charger)
Software PC-200 or PC-400 or Loggernet
Power supply 24 VDC / 2.5A
Enclosure ENC-380 (ENC 12/14 or ENC 14/16)
Enclosure mounting kit ENC-380-MK for LPT-130
Ethernet interface (Optional)
GSM / GPRS interface (Optional)(no SIM card included)