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WS-600 Meteorological sensor

WS-600 Meteorological sensor


  • Compact Meteorlogical sensor
  • Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Precipitation
  • SDI-12 Interface
The WS-600 of Lufft GmbH combines several meteorological parameters like air temperature (T), air pressure (Pb), relative humidity (H), wind direction (Wd), winds speed (Ws) and precipitation (PR) in one compact housing.


Model  Specification WS-600
  Operating temperature  -50°C to 60°C
  Operating power  
  Heating  40 VA at 24 VDC
T   Principle NTC
  Measuring range  -50°C to 60°C
  Accuracy (-20 ... 50C)  ±0.2°C
RH   Principle Capacitive
  Measuring range  0% to 100% RH
  Accuracy (-20 ... 50°C)  ±2% RH
Pbar Priciple  MEMS capacitive
  Measuring range  300 to 1200 hPa
  Accuracy (-20 ... 50°C)  ±1.5hPa
Wdir Principle  Ultrasonic- 2.4Ghz
  Measuring Range  0...359.9°
  Accuracy (-20 ... 50°C)  ±3°
Wspeed Principle Ultrasonic- 2.4Ghz
  Measuring Range 0...60m/s
  Accuracy (-20 ... 50°C)  ±0.3m/s or ±3% (0...35m/s)
 PR Resolution  0.01mm
  Measuring range  drop size 0.3...5mm
  Reproducibility  typ. >90%



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