ML-02 Si-Albedometer

  • Albedo or reflected irradiance measurements
  • Most compact industrial sensor
  • Low temperature dependency
  • Fast response photodiode
  • Compact housing and mounting rod
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Compact albedometer based on ML-02 Si-pyranometer which complies to ISO 9060-2018 "Fast response class C". It is a compact and cost-efficient solution for measurements of reflected irradiance and albedo. A special housing with a bubble level and 70cm mounting rod makes it easy to use in any application. The ML-02 albedometer is designed for use at PV plants with bifacial modules, hydrology weather stations, agriculture research and other applications where compact and efficient sensor is needed.

ML-02 is designed for light measurements in industrial environments. The compact dimensions of the sensor body make it easy to integrate within any application. Due to its low weight and low profile, the sensor can be easily attached to any light receiving surface. The …

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  Specifications ML-02
  ISO 9060:2018 Class C
  ISO 9060:2018 Not compliant
  Sub-category "Spectrally flat" Not compliant
  Sub-category "Fast response" Compliant
  Output Analog (mV)
Response time 95% < 1 ms
Zero off-set a) 200W/m² 0 W/m²
Zero off-set b) 5K/hr 0 W/m²
Complete zero off-set c) 0 W/m²
  Non-stability change/1 year +/- 2 %
Non-linearity at 1000W/m² < 0.2 %
Directional response at 1000W/m² < 10 W/m²
Spectral error +/- 3.07 %
Temperature response -10°C + 40°C < 0.15 %/°C
Tilt response 0 %
Sensitivity Approx. 50 µV/W/m²
  Impedance 50 Ω
  Operating temperature range -30 - 70 °C
Irradiance range 0 - 2000 W/m²
  Cable length 5 m
Wavelength range 400 - 1100 nm (50% points)

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