PV-Blocks PV Evaluation System

  • PV cells and modules up to 600W
  • IV sweep / MPP tracking
  • Flexible modular design
  • Outdoor use
  • Edge computing
  • Customisable system
  • Meteorological parameters
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This PV-Blocks evaluation system is a unique and universal solution for testing any types of experimental PV technologies like Perovskite and Hybrid solar modules, organic PV modules and high capacity Bi-facial modules. Compliant to the standards:

-IEC 60891 – Procedures for temperature and irradiance corrections to measured I-V characteristics.
-IEC 60904-1 – Part1 Measurement of photovoltaic current-voltage characteristics.

The advanced research system is fully compatible with the latest PV technologies now in development and is scalable to test multiple modules in parallel. During long-term exposure tests, automatic measurements can be scheduled for continuous data retrieval of the measurable modules parameters. Up to 32 modules can be connected to the ...

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  Specifications PV-Blocks
Measurement range Voltage 1 - 200 V
Measurement range Current 0 - 20 A
Measurement range Power 0 - 600 W
  Operating temperature range -25 - 60 °C
  Ingress protection IP 54
Channels 32 units

PV Base Pack PV-Block

PV IV/MPP Pack PV-Block

PV Temp PV-Block

PV Irr PV-Block

PV Mod PV-Block

PV Load PV-Block

PV Software PV-Block

Applications and uses

Usually, the performance of a PV module is measured at the factory under the so-called Standard Test Conditions (STC), described in IEC 60904. This is a convenient test method that ...

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PV-Blocks is a modular measurement system to measure the performance of PV modules deployed in an outdoors environment under natural sunlight conditions.

The advanced research system is fully compatible with ...

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