RSB-01 Rotating Shadow Band

  • Measure components (DNI/GHI/DHI)
  • Set-up horizontal or POA
  • All weather solution
  • Reliable an robust design, mainenance free
  • GPS receiver for easy set-up
  • Compatible with all EKO spectroradiometers
  • PC or datalogger control
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For spectral measurement of the three irradiance components (DNI, GHI, DHI) we took a different approach. A spectroradiometer with rotating Shadow Band (RSB) is an attractive alternative to a conventional 3 component sun tracker system. Just one spectroradiometer used for all measurements lowers the costs associated with the instrumentation required. Accurate DNI measurements can be obtained from a MS-711 Global spectroradiometer with RSB comparing with the MS-711 DNI spectroradiometer on a sun-tracker. The comparison between the outputs spectral DNI from the two configurations reveals a consistency in the method and the measuerements of all 3 irradiance components. EKO will provide the RSB solution for all spectroradiometer models.

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  Specifications RSB-01
  Compatible sensors MS-711
  Shading angle
Measurement time Interval 60 s
  Operating temperature range -10 - 50 °C
  Power supply 100 - 230 VAC
Power consumption 8 - 15 W
  Dimensions mm W 300x L 700 x H 590 mm
Weight 11 kg
  Communication RS-422 to USB




Applications and uses

Where the pyrheliometer is most suitable to quantify the total DNI of the solar spectrum. The spectroradiometer gives details about the energy distribution which is important for PV or CPV …

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