WISER II Spectroradiometer

  • Reference for spectral measurements UV-VIS-NIR
  • Operating temperature range -10 to 50°C
  • Made for outdoor solar research
  • Robust design no moving parts
  • NIST Traceable calibration
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For solar spectral research, we believe only one measurement concept can be the best. The combination of MS-711 and MS-713, called WISER II is the reference in the market and designed to provide the most accurate solar spectral data outdoors. 

The MS-711 and MS-713 spectroradiometer are unique all weather concept spectroradiometers with no moving parts and temperature controlled spectrometers. The MS-713 can be used stand alone, but in combination with the MS-711 it covers the spectral range from 300nm to 2500nm. MS-711 measures in the range from 300nm and 1100nm, and MS-713 covers the near-infrared (NIR) range between 900nm and 2500nm. Both spectroradiometers are accurately calibrated with traceability to the International Standards and issued with a calibration uncertainty budget. 

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System configuration


  Specifications WISER II
Wavelength range 300 - 2500 nm (50% points)
  Program Analysis software WSDAc
  OS Microsoft Windows 7/8/9/10
  Functions Display and analyze data
  Cable length 10 m
  Field of View FOV 180 °

MS-713 Spectroradiometer

MS-711 Spectroradiometer