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Sky Scanner

MS-32 Sky scanner

The Sky Scanner MS-321LR is designed to measure the luminance and radiance of 145 points in the sky hemisphere. The sensor, with its 11 degrees aperture angle and the tracker, with its two-axis control, together measure the distribution of both luminance and radiance. In addition, the new user-friendly software makes it easy to use. 


The SFR-02 sky camera can be used for weather and cloud observations on meteorological and PV sites. The cloud camera is a fully automatic sky imaging system which captures the cloud cover of the total hemisphere. Since clouds and aerosols substantially contribute to the attenuation of solar irradiance at ground level, the sky imager provides quantitative data of the sky conditions on site. When sky images are captured, cloud fraction is automatically calculated by the software. The SFR-02 is based on a 2Mpixel cloud camera which can also be used to monitor the solar position and detect potential shading obstacles at the PV site. The software gives much flexibility and functions for example to define the area of interest by horizon masking and zenith masking.


Product Model Description
MS-321LR Sky Scanner

MS-321LR Sky Scanner

The automatic Sky Scanner MS-321LR is designed only to measure Luminance and Radiance of the sky hemisphere. …



Model MS-321 (Sensor)
Sensitivity (Luminance)
50 kcd/m2 (full scale)
about 15 cd/m2
Sensitivity (Irradiance)
300 W/m2·sr (full scale)
about 1.0 W/m2·sr
entire sky scanning time
4 min/145 points
resolution (angle)
accuracy (angle)






Embedded PC


TCP / IP Ethernet

Sky picture format

JPEG, 2 M pixel


Weatherproof air ventilated inside

Data volume

60 MB / 1 day pictures @ 10 minutes

Operating system Win XP, Vista, Win 7 and Linux

Temperature response

1.1%(-10 to +50°C)

Dimensions / Weight

20 x 20 x 20 cm / 3 kg

Power supply

12V/1A (3W/6W (Heating Off/On)