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LS-100 Spectroradiometer

LS-100 Spectroradiometer


  • Compares with the data obtained in the standard test conditions
  • Calculates the integrated irradiance in the specified spectral range
  • Calculates the spectral coincidence (JIS C 8912)
  • Calculates the difference and ratio compared to the standard data

The LS-100 grating spectroradiometer is specially designed for measuring the spectral irradiance of solar simulators which are used in solar cells ressearch. The LS-100 is calibrated against a NIST-traceable standard lamp. It is compact and very easy to operate. The LS-100 is controlled by a PC via a RS232C cable, so that data can be automatically obtained using the operating software. The measurement/analysis software offers advances functionalities to process the obtained data.


Specifications(typical) LS-100
Spectral range

350 to 1100 nm (Xenon Lamp)

350 to 1050 nm (Light source other than Xenon Lamp)

Spectral interval 3.3 nm
Spectral resolution 10 nm
Spectral accuracy < 3 nm
Aperture angle (Full view angle) 30°
Stray light < 0.15%
Measurement time Approximately 15 sec
Communication RS232C
Software Applicable to MS-Windows 95/98 SPDac-for measurement, SPMan-for data analysis Automatic calculation of spectral match accuracy (IEC904-9)
Unit of output mW/cm2/nm
Power supply DC12V, 0.8A
Size / Weight W50 x D250 x H150 mm / 1.8kg



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