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UV Radiometers


The earth's ozone layer plays a very important role in protecting living organisms by absorbing the harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. However, the ozone layer  became thinner and thinner over the years even though it started to level out during the last decennium.

In meteorology UV radiation is divided into three wavelength ranges, UV-A (315 - 400nm) radiation, UV-B (280 - 315nm) radiation and UV-C (less than 280nm) radiation. UV-A radiation is hardly absorbed by the ozone layer. Therefore, the UV-A radiation which reaches the earth's surface is not affected by the ozone layer. On the other hand, UV-C radiation is completely absorbed by the ozone layer, and simply does not reach the surface of the earth. However, UV-B radiation is only partially absorbed by ozone, and its spectral characteristics as well as its intensity are significantly changed depending on the thickness of the so-called ozone belt. As a matter of facts UV-B radiation is harmful to living organisms.

EKO offers various types and classes of broad band filter or spectral UV radiometers for different applications and measurement purposes.


Product Model Description
MS-212A UVA Sensor

MS-212A UVA Sensor

The precision UV-A Radiometer MS-212A is designed to measure UV-A radiation with high reliability. …

MS-212W UVB Sensor

MS-212W UVB Sensor

The precision UV-B Radiometer MS-212W is designed to measure UV-B radiation with high reliability. …


Specifications (typical) MS-212W MS-212A
Response time 1 second (90% response) 1 second (90% response)
Non-linearity Less than ±2.0% Less than ±2.0%
Directional response < ± 10 % (at 20° solar height) < ± 10 % (at 20° solar height)
Temperature response 1.5% (range of -10 to +40°C) 1.5% (range of -10 to +40°C)
Output 1 0 to 1.0V , 0 to 5W/m² 0 to 1.0V , 0 to 5W/m²
Output 2 0 to 10mV , 0 to 5W/m² 0 to 10mV , 0 to 5W/m²


500Ω (V output), 100Ω (mV output)

500Ω (V output), 100Ω (mV output)

Operating temperature range (°C) -10 to +50°C -10 to +50°C
Cable length 10m 10m

Wavelength range

280 to 315nm

315 to 400nm

Power supply AC 85 to 264V , 47 to 440 Hz , 30W

AC 85 to 264V , 47 to 440 Hz , 30W


Spectral global horizontal irradiance (UV)

Spectral global horizontal irradiance (UV)

MS-701 is the all weather grating spectroradiometer for the continuous outdoor use. The spectral range of MS-701 is 300-400nm, which cover the UV(Ultraviolet) range, and the attached ...

Calibration Procedure & Traceability

EKO's UV radiometers are calibrated against a highly accurate UV spectroradiometer, and are traceable to NIST through NIST-traceable standards of spectral irradiance (spectral lamp standards).


Frequently Asked Questions

Re-calibration interval of solar sensors

Re-calibration interval of solar sensors

The sensitivity of the solar sensor will slightly deviate with time when it is exposed to solar radiation. Therefore it is advised to re-calibrate the sensor every two years. For calibration ...